Project Mid-view
Project Mid-view


The idea of balance is often challenged in my drawings and sculptures: forms fall, litter the floor, cast shadows ill-suited to their volume. Yet somehow they maintain themselves. This way of playing visually with mass and composition takes on different material forms to become drawings, objects and installations. Over time, that which was born of a fragile structure is able to metamorphosize into a load-bearing one. [main tag]

A project for a Mid-view of the city of Salzburg in Austria

This project calls for the creation of spaces in the city of Salzburg, Austria, from which one could experience a mid-view of the surrounding area, be it the rooftops or the historical monuments. This city has a strong vertical dynamic due to the tension between the fortress, the Hohensalzburg, perched on the hill overlooking the city, and the city center, which is concentrated around the Salzach river.

The installation is a maquette of various studies for the possibility of creating mid-level spaces in the city, notably by creating terraces along the slope of the Hohensalzburg. It is inspired by the elevated green spaces and pre-existing roof-top balconies in Salzburg that provide a glimpse of the beautiful rooftops of the city.

Desk detail
Salzburg Cathedral and the Hohensalzburg mid-view terrasses
Viewing platform (detail)
Hohensalzburg : proposed terrasses
Salzburg Cathedral (back view)
Salzburg Cathedral (front view)
Installation view
Installation view
Viewing platform
View from Hohensalzburg
Mountain Hat for the City
Roof Top views from the Hohensalzburg
Roof tops viewed from the Hohensalzburg