Project Autour de la Gare de Lyon
Project Autour de la Gare de Lyon

Autour de la Gare de Lyon

The project “Autour de la Gare de Lyon”, begins with the act of hand washing an exterior, white-tiled wall of the train station, along the rue de Rambouillet that runs underneath the train tracks. The process of washing is documented by Lucinda Grouëff. The transformation of this neglected urban space is an investigation of the need and the potential to “take care” of the city.

The video was shown as part of “Junk”, curated by Alexey Masleyev at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, during the second biennial for young contemporary artists, “Qui vive?” in 2010.

Le projet Autour de la Gare de Lyon commence avec le lavage à la main d’une de ces façades, celle qui donne sur la rue de Rambouillet et sur lequel un panneau indique “Paris-Lyon”.

Gare de Lyon (en cours)
Gare de Lyon (détail)
Gare de Lyon (in process)
Gare de Lyon (before)